Howdy all, I am Tom, Tomkin TUF_rpg. I have been playing on Orien as my main since January 2010. I slowly grew from a casual player to a more serious player and recently (December 2022) I started streaming at every Monday - Thursday 2-6PM Central USA time and Fridays from 6-9pm.

Since I am starting to be more serious about this whole thing I figured it was time to say hello and get to know the actual server community.

a little about me:

My name is Tom Kinder (it's ok my name is public), I am a professional swordsmith. yup, I make real swords. yup, I have been on Forged in Fire (s4 e13). I am a retired USCG Chief electrician, I am writing a pnp RPG called Tower Universal Fantasy (TUF_rpg) and have been play testing for four years. I am starting to take it to conventions. I have played D&D since 1978. I have done historical martial arts and heavy weapons combat since 1990 (HEMA and SCA). I love to talk to my viewers about all kinds of fantasy and nerd stuff. I have a discord server that I have just set up and am starting to flesh out. I do have a voice channel where viewers can talk live on stream, as long as it doesn't get disruptive I will keep that open. discord: if link dies sent Tomkin a message in game and I'll get you a link. I have the bad habit of shutting down discord now and then which kills the server link. idk working on that.

I like to run R8+ end game pugs though I mostly level solo, but that may change. I live the PUG life

hope to meet you all in game and on twitch.