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    Default The Install/update system is STILL broken

    My laptop and desktop are pretty similar. Both run Win7. Both use Intel chips, though they're 2 generations apart (Sandy Bridge vs Haswell).

    DDO has no issues installing or updating on the laptop. The desktop is a whole other issue. DDO will neither install nor update correctly on it. If I want to play DDO on the desktop, I need to update my laptop's DDO installation, copy that to an external hard drive, and then copy it from the external HD to the desktop, overwriting the desktop's previous DDO installation... or at least that's how I used to go about doing it. Now even that doesn't work; the game spazzes out when looking for the updates that it doesn't need.

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    im having the same issue. tried reinstalling multiple times, even did a clean os reinstall everything works but ddo

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