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    Default Elf Child of Nature + Heighten interaction

    from the wiki:

    Child of Nature: You are able to produce an Entangle effect using a drop of your blood (1 HP) and 10 spell points. DC (10 + Half Character Level + Wisdom modifier)
    Bug: Actual DC appears to be 10 + spell level + Wisdom Modifier + Transmutation bonuses. It is considered a level 1 spell and will be heightened up to a level 9 spell based on character level.

    What does this mean? Does it imply heighten can and will ramp up the spell DC to level 9 regardless of the casting class level, since its based on character level? I.e. multiclassing, or say a ranger (who can only cast lvl 4 spells max) will still have this SLA heightened to level 9?

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    Heighten only raises spells to the highest level your character can currently cast. A high level pure Ranger would only raise it to 4 while a high level Wizard would raise it to 9.

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