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    Default Can't purchase expansions

    Getting error when I try to purchase or even update my payment method. I'm pretty sure everything I put is ok because I used this same card to purchase vip last month (but it didn't register that card somehow and instead was an old one which I had to erase)
    Already tried reloading page, re logging, clearing cookies, trying another explorer.

    We’re sorry, your purchase cannot be completed. Possible reasons for this may be:

    You have previously purchased the item.
    This purchase cannot be applied to your subscription(s).
    Offer is no longer available for purchase at this time.
    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
    We are currently performing maintenance.

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    Still no answer from SSG. The problem persists. The other day I tried to make the purchase via Paypal (big mistake)
    I could successfully "complete" the purchase on the paypal side, except that when it loaded the ddo site again with the same error (which now appears no matter what even if you don't try to buy anything), so I didn't actually complete the purchase so I got no goods, but my money was still charged from y credit card.
    I already submitted a ticket yesterday but no answer. Luckily I only tried to purchase the basic 10 dolar sharn expansion.
    It suffices to say that I will never again spend a single coin on this scammer company and I better get my money back (either paypal or the credit card company because this guys most probably won't aknowledge anything), or I may make a lawsuit just for 10 USD. I don't like to be robbed, but hopefully I get a solution to this problem. To the buying problem... I already don't care. You can save your "annyversary sales" for the clients you actually care (meaning, no one)
    I've never seen a company so reckless and uncaring with their customers and it makes no sense. Don't you want/need the money? The goods ridiculous high prices say you do, but your lack of response with this issues says otherwise.

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