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    Default Another Veteran Transfers from Ghallanda


    I'm "Hara", one of the many who moved to Orien after a long life on Ghallanda (née Lhazaar) and I'm looking for a guild.

    I've played since the servers were first turned on. While I enjoy high-reaper end game, I get the most joy from helping newer players, whether it's advice, help with quests, farming certain gear, or just riding shotgun to try to make things go smoothly. My best three days in DDO were spent on Korthos when the servers went free. I stood in Korthos Village and answered thousands of questions, many of them over-and-over, in hopes that new players would find the joy that I have.

    If you could use a cog like me in your machine, let me know here or in game as Harahara, Haramaki or Haraseku.

    Thanks for the great welcome so far, Orien.
    H A R A H A R A - H A R A M A K I - H A R A S E K U
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    Hello, fellow transferee
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    A Person of my heart.

    I took the liberty to post your thread on the Orien (Raiding) Discord. I hope someone gets in contact with you in the near future.

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