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    Default Suggestion: Focus Trees

    Devs, I wish we could have (basic concepts here, not fleshed out) enhancement (or destiny, if a better fit) trees that enhance Weapons in different ways:

    Staff Tree: Melee/Implement toggle) One to enhance staff, tripping, blocking, etc, for melee builds as well as one to enhance for implement/spell use. Can also flavor & focus on something specific like summoning, allowing different SLA summons — for instance a swarm of bees (like Slavelords) that slow or mire opponents or curses that inflict different debuffs (random contagion, bestow curse, blinding or silence) along with casting spells.

    Orb Tree: Toggle — Protection, MRR Cap, Resistance & absorption and the capper — the ability to rebound a spell, or have a flavor for control & summoning of beasts and/or allowing a dual orb setup (losing melee ability).

    Finesse Weapons - Dex focus, movement etc.

    Exotic Weapons - like pikes, picks and other pole arms. Adding reach, bleed or things like armor destruction.

    I feel like there is a lot of potential. Perhaps “legendary enhancements.”

    Just a random thought.

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    So more trees like vistani and inquisitive? I've been wanting an imbue focused staff tree with some multiselectors to make it either psionic themed and monk focused, shadow themed and rogue/sneak attack focused, or elemental/force themed and melee arcane focused. It'd probably be prohibitively complicated graphically but maybe even an aura/particle effect shaped like a blade to the end of an equipped staff to make it into a scythe with a damage type change to slashing. The staff animations for the most part already look appropriate, at least for the characters I've played lately and a few people have been asking for scythes for a while and an enhancement tree animation change would give that while avoiding further crowding the loot tables with a new weapon type.

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