So I tanked the Skeletons in the closet raid on Epic Hard for the first time and was surprised with how annyoying the soul bitter debuff was. My hp was halved almost right away as the stacks kept going up. I tried running away but the timer is so long that he eventually catches up and bites me again. How does one get rid of the stacks or protect against it? I was told you have to run away for it to end, some have said to cast deathward, others remove curse. Some in my group said it was Ghostflame casting debuffs on me but I am sure it was the T-rex bite. I tried them all and they seem to linger. I tried looking on forums and wiki but can't find anything on this. Any insight would help. Here is what the wiki says:

Soul Bitter: Attacks inflicted by its teeth apply soul bitten which reduces max hp, fort, and healing amps.