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    Default Axel: DDO News and Recent Happenings (4 videos)

    Hey everyone, here's 4 videos I've made over the past 2 weeks. The first one is going over/discussing the producers letter, the 2nd is on the VIP/Gold Roll situation, the 3rd is trying to figure out which raid will be made legendary this year and the 4th is going over all the topics in the recent Severlin/Cordovan Q&A that weren't covered in videos 1, 2 and 3.

    I recently hit 5,000 subs over on YouTube. Thank you to everyone who has listened and subbed to me over the years and made hitting this milestone possible. My YouTube channel is also closing in on 1 million views, which I also am pretty excited about.

    Also, just FYI I have a set weekly stream time and raid time. And I have Discord now. Can find links to all this in my linktree here:
    I stream Saturdays starting at 1pm EST on Twitch. And I lead raids starting at 3pm EST Saturdays on Thelanis.

    - Axel

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    0:00 Intro
    1:22 Mini expansion vs. full expansion
    2:22 Reaper trees
    3:53 Free server transfers and concerns
    7:45 Level cap increase plans
    9:47 Old cosmetic armor kits
    10:06 New ED, new universal tree, new races, new classes
    11:29 Iconic completionist
    12:58 UI scaling
    14:12 Free quests code
    15:54 Droaam update
    17:29 Gifting
    18:04 Two factor authentication
    18:38 Armor class
    19:00 Psionics
    19:34 Monster manuals
    19:46 Hirelings, reaper mode, AI
    21:39 Pet revamp
    22:02 Reaper revamp and party leaders
    23:26 Melees in reaper, future of reaper
    27:45 Chest ransack
    29:35 D&D movie tie in?
    30:25 New Dances
    30:45 Legendary auto level
    31:46 More iconics?
    32:52 Imbue dice and threat
    33:36 Outro

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