Hello all.. I played the game way back when and even still have the cd’s and box( yes that was a thing)!! Wanted to put feelers out for guilds who play thematic characters… not looking for super mega meta speed build guilds, not gimping either, just thematic characters… ie my dwarven warrior is a shield dwarf who uses a dwarves war axe… (but that chest just dropped a better longsword of god slaying ) my dwarf can we smelt it down and reforge it into a war axe?) if not nope sell fodder ( cringy on inside since I am still using a starter war axe ) .. type gameplay. I like the challenge of playing a character faults/ flaws and all.

I have 5 characters in mind.. typical melee ranger, dwarven shield dwarf, human blunt two handed paladin, rogue trap hound/assassin, and a elven cleric .

The second thing I am looking for is a guilds that are new player friendly.. I am currently playing through content for first time.. meaning playing at a dnd pace and not speed running pace… not looking to power through levels or content .. but enjoy the experience of the adventures …

I have been playing games for over 35 years. That puts me in my 40’s + who works full time + with a family.. but get my hours in on days off… I am East coaster and have comms.. so far still learning the game and enjoying every ounce of it … be it solo or hopefully with like minded players.. till then happy hunting !!

Please ignore typos .. posted using iPhone with sausage fingers and an auto correct that is my nemesis !!