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    Default Audio will not play through headset.

    Today, when I loaded up DDO the audio no longer plays through my headset. (Hyper X Cloud Alpha). Headset audio has worked as recently as yesterday, and I can't think of anything which has changed since then. Here is what I have tried and checked:
    - Audio still works through my headset for other things (Youtube, windows, discord)
    - Audio works properly through a different audio device, like my speakers.
    - DDO Is not muted in the windows volume mixer.
    - Sound playback is set to the correct device.
    - Headset is on, volume settings are turned up.
    - Resetting all audio settings to default.
    - Restarting DDO, and my PC.
    - Validating game files, and even uninstalling/reinstalling DDO.

    I'm out of ideas, does anyone have any solutions to this issue?
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    check that nothing else is trying to use (or has been using) the sound card ... I find web browsers especially can be uncooperative and may need closing in order before DDO will play audio. Otherwise check the per-application sound settings?

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    I'm running into the same problem. I just reinstalled after about a 3 year break. I get no game sound through my Bluetooth headset. However the audio plays fine through my 10+ year old $20 Wal-Mart junk. Any ideas why it won't play on a new headset?

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