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    Default Axel: Saga Banking Video and a New DDO Guitar Cover

    Hey everyone, here's two videos I've made recently. The first one is a short video outlining saga banking and how to take advantage of it during epic reincarnations. Really vital strat to use if you're going after epic past lives!

    I also recorded a new DDO music cover, which is one of DDO's older tavern themes but with a twist - I wrote a 2nd lead part myself which I added to it. Hope you like it. I've done a lot of other DDO music covers previously. If you want to check those out you can find them in the DDO Music Covers playlist on my youtube homepage or through my linktree here:

    Lastly, just FYI I have a set stream time now. I stream Saturdays starting at 1pm EST on Twitch. And I lead raids starting at 3pm EST Saturdays on Thelanis. If you want to check me out feel free to stop by and say hi. Or do you have an endgame level character on Thelanis and want to join me for raids? Let me know, you're welcome to join. All are welcome regardless of experience/character power/etc. You can find links to my Twitch, Discord, Social Media, etc. via my linktree link above.

    - Axel

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