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    Default WotC New OGL issues

    Hey all, I am sure most here are aware of the current issues WotC is having with the new OGL license they wanted to force on the DnD Community at large.

    I expect that DDO won't be impacted and had a separate agreement, but do we know if that agreement is perpetual or not or if it relies at all on the current OGL?

    I ask because at the end of the day the goal of WotC seems to be the digital gamification of DnD with an eye to increased (some say as much as $30 a month) subscription costs and micro transactions as they feel the properly is significantly under monetized. Their goal it to make DnD and billion-dollar IP (it's currently earning them somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 million)

    To that end a lot of the provisions in the new OGL look to put significant limits on what others can present in a VTT as well as blurring the lines between a game and a VTT as well. Essentially, they are looking to kill any market that might potentially compete with them in that space, and I can help but worry / wonder if they will see SSG in that realm and simply kill the license the next time it comes up for renewal.

    Anyone happen to have any insight here? Anyone from SSG care to weigh in?

    To be clear I don't see them specifically gunning for something like DDO in the new changes, they are definably looking to kill Roll20, Fantasy Grounds and Piazo but that doesn't mean that SSG might not get caught in the crossfire or targeted down the line. They appear desperate for cash with WotC being the only arm of Hasbro showing any actual growth and promise but I can't possibly see how they grow their cash sevenfold unless they start eliminating the competition and squeezing their licensing agreements for a bigger cut of the cake.
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    DDO is not affected by OGL. It is not made under OGL, but a separate license negotiated between SSG and Wizards.
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    Default Doesn't rely on the OGL at all

    Quote Originally Posted by SiliconScout View Post

    I expect that DDO won't be impacted and had a separate agreement, but do we know if that agreement is perpetual or not or if it relies at all on the current OGL?
    Doesn't rely on the OGL at all.
    That's not lag, it's just DDO trying to become turn-based again.
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