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    Default Hold My Hand...

    Let me start by saying I am terrible at this game but I play it anyway, doing so for many years.
    I have always been a solo player for the most part and so never attempted anything higher than EH because it's not fun dying all the time and I never had enough reaper points to be effective.
    I've recently managed to find a guild that has accepted me for my ineptness and squishyness.
    They've taken me under their wing and carry my stone all over creation through high reapers.
    I manage to spam heals on the tank every once in awile but I want to stay alive more often than not.

    I need someone to hold my hand and talk me through setting up my toon to be a better healer in high reaper.
    I have access to all the content. The only trees I have are the ones I can attain through favor.

    80 Enhancement points
    Aasimar - 18pts
    Angel of Veng - 45pts
    Beacon of hope - 16pts

    61 Destiny points
    Exalted Angel - 32pts
    Shiradi - 9pts
    Draconic - 13pts

    I have 18 reaper points all in Dire

    Here's my toon:
    Aasimar FvS
    str 34
    dex 18
    con 48
    int 38
    wis 65
    cha 19
    hp 1729
    sp 5228
    fire 701/49/30
    light 721/40/45
    univ 282/22/20

    Vision of Precision - Wis+12, iWis +4, +1 Mythic B/G
    Orders Garb - Fort+142 Except spell power+15/Lore+5% G
    Cold Iron Bracers (winter) G
    Ring -- Empty
    Nocturne - iFort+79, +1 Mythic (winter)
    Deepsnow Boots - iCon+6, qCon+3 FoM, G slotted with FF (winter)
    Wondorours Magegloves - qWis+3 Y
    Bronze Dragonscale Belt - Con+13, hAmp+53, iFL+24, Lifeseale+34, +3 Mythic B
    Phasecloak - Int+13, Evocation+5, qInt+3 +1 Mythic Y
    VoM - YGB
    Rune Lodestone - (winter) YGB
    Boundless - iWiz+1134, qPot+24, Fort+142
    Combustible Radiant Qstaff - 8 open slots R/O

    Take a deep breath...
    Help me please!!!

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    Why would you build a healer build when your 'solo-player'.

    FVS is fairly simple, get spell power, press forehead to keyboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LavidDynch View Post
    Why would you build a healer build when your 'solo-player'.

    FVS is fairly simple, get spell power, press forehead to keyboard.
    LOL... as I said... I am now running with a guild and want to be able to contribute...
    No more solo

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    Look up one of the 17/3FVS/Pally builds. If all you want to do is heal and stay alive they are your best bet.

    They function very well with minimal PLs and low/no reaper points.

    As an FYI - there are people who play reaper on first life toons with few reaper points. There is an element of skill to DDO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparty View Post
    I manage to spam heals on the tank every once in awile but I want to stay alive more often than not.

    I need someone to hold my hand and talk me through setting up my toon to be a better healer in high reaper.
    Spell choice should be self-evident, and getting some reasonable amount of Positive spell power isn't hard, either.

    So basically, you just want to focus more on survivability.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparty View Post
    I never had enough reaper points to be effective.

    I have 18 reaper points all in Dire
    You don't need any Reaper points to be an effective healer. And you don't need any in Dire to be a pure healer. I'd suggest going full-bore into Grim Barricade. That core for your 21st point, when you get there, will be really nice! And the saves, MRR/PRR along the way will help too.

    For your Destinies, consider putting some of your points into Unyielding Sentinel. My healer has that as his main tree! But even if not main, maybe it should be a secondary tree for you for the beefed up defenses.

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    OK so I play 2 fvs (both only 2nd life 1was fvs other was clonk) but mostly now for farming gear, but still healing capable (used to be a raid healer years ago, always keep yourself useful). The epic destiny I personally went into was draconic, 1 for more fire! 2 for not needing spell materials to clear up my bags. I also dipped into angel tree, in tier 3 there's an ability for you to passively heal when you are actively in the mantle, while soloing I use this a lot to focus on fire! and not healing but always keep an eye on myself. I am also in the feydark tree for the familiar so I don't have to worry about magic missle or casting shield and also picked up the blurr from it. The thing about healing is keep yourself alive first, then everyone else. I also went human for the dragon mark to have ddoor and teleport, very useful but not to everyone. I also don't do reaper often because I just personally hate it and will only do if I so desperately have too(I have like 3 points?). And from stats your looking good, maybe need to focus on some gear and just more group time its an adjustment from solo. Atm Im in ravonloft mists set working on sharn set and some mix of feywild stuff. I also gave up using staffs for either 2 scepters or scepter and shield (this more often) , games down so I cant give details of anything. But I will say I feel your pain of healing in reaper, because I left when it came out I now struggle.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yamani View Post
    Because you said this, we are going to get a whiteboard with a poorly drawn unicorn on it.

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    You didn't say anything about reincarnating or using a +# HoW, so I'll assume you're sticking "pure", at least for now.

    (If/when you do rebuild, there are many options - pali dips for survivability, arti-Inquisitor builds, etc etc etc)

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparty View Post
    Angel of Veng - 45pts
    45 ~sounds~ like a lot - are you grabbing some "shinies" that you really don't need, that could be better spent elsewhere?

    For that matter, that's on offensive tree; if you're serious about being a healer, you might want to take Tier V in Beacon for the Healing Wall (and not pull as much aggro in the first place!).

    Also, re game play: don't attack a mob that hasn't already been damaged. Let someone else make the first hit, get the aggro, then you can pile on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparty View Post
    I have 18 reaper points all in Dire
    Yeah, when you were solo you needed more DPS - once you're "healing" with a group, you want Survivability. (Realistically you want both, so you're not 100% reliant on groups, and so you can contribute meaningfully to group DPS - but the idea is the same.)

    Maybe(?) keep 4 pts in Dire for that Profane Spellpower boost - handy for 30 seconds of better healing, handy for any time you do want to shift to offense.

    Here is a recent thread on "Raid Healers" - very specialized, perhaps more than you're looking for, but it gives you a yardstick.

    Here are some other related threads you may find useful:
    o 2021 (Wis, Cha)
    & 1st life Solo-Friendly version

    o "Build Guide"

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    non-raid gear suggestion for wisdom-based divine caster:

    autumn 7 / winter 4

    Eminence of Autumn Set (7/7):
    Armor · · · · Cladding of Dead Leaves (Exceptional Universal Spell Lore +5%, Exceptional Universal Spell Power +15, Physical Sheltering +33, Parrying +6)
    Belt· · · · · Strap of Autumn Leaves (Intelligence +14, Magical Sheltering +36, Natural Armor Bonus +14, Magical Efficiency 10%)
    Bracers · · · Legendary Green Dragonscale Bracers (Power Store, Insightful Resistance +4, Vitality +44, Poison Resistance +50)
    Cloak · · · · Legendary Cloak of Autumn (Acid Absorption +34%, Insightful Constitution +6, Feat: Wind through the Trees, Lesser Displacement)
    Gloves· · · · Gloryborne Gloves (Sacred Spell Focus II, Power of the Silver Flame +142, Temperance of Spirit, Quality Resistance +2)
    Helmet· · · · Legendary Crown of Leaves (Profane Well Rounded +2)
    Boots · · · · Legendary Windriders (13% dodge, FoM)

    Eminence of Winter Set (4/7):
    Necklace· · · Legendary Winter Court Necklace (+2 profane Spell Focus Mastery, +44 profane lifeforce, Greater boon of Undeath (blocked by deathward))
    //(Belt· · · · · Strap of Autumn Leaves)
    Ring1 · · · · Legendary Nocturne Ring (Command +7, True Seeing, Insightful Incite +52%, Insightful Fortification +71%)
    Ring2 · · · · Legendary Ring of Winter's Chill (Kinetic Lore +21%, Impulse +142)

    Goggles: Legendary Goggles of Dusk (+2 quality spell focus mastery, +6 Evoc, +3 ins.Evoc, +3 Quality Wisdom)

    Trinket · · · Legendary Five Rings (Wisdom +13, Spell Lore Light +21, Spell Craft +20, Quality Constitution +3)

    Weapon1 · · · Legendary Wild Flame (Spellcasting Implement +29, Combustion +142, Insightful Combustion +71, Fire Lore +21%, Evocation Focus 5) // or Sceptre of Combustion from Perils
    Weapon2 · · · Legendary Resplendant Fury (Spellcasting Implement +29, Insightful Radiance +71, Insightful Radiance Lore +13%, Coalesced Flame, Nearly Finished: +6 Insightful Wisdom)

    Sapphire of Heavy Fortification
    Diamond of Constitution
    Sapphire of Healing Amplification
    Sapphire of Resistance
    Topaz of Greater Evocation
    +2 Festive Wisdom // assuming wisdom is your main stat
    Globe of True Imperial Blood
    Sapphire of Good Luck
    Sapphire of False Life
    Topaz of Wizardry

    This is DPS setup, which has no healing lore. Make another trinket for healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aelonwy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    The release notes themselves are essentially the same as was seen on Lamannia most recently.
    This^, in so many words, is how you say time and feedback on Lamannia are wasted.

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    For healer, this is the priority:

    1. Build and play to stay alive as much as possible, protect yourself and heal yourself first; absolutely avoid aggro if you have any issues with dying.
    2. Heal priority targets like tank and other players that party really depends on.
    3. Heal everyone else when you can and make sure people are topped off between fights.
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