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    Default CAnnith Crafting?

    How much use is this really? Seems like you've got to grind early quests to make anything instead of the more middle quests.

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    It still has its uses. If nothing else you can craft +5 bolts/arrows in a variety of damage types and even bane types.
    It is also good when you get an item that has multiple augment slots. Create a blank and add specific prefix/suffix for your class to fill in until it get a raid item or blue.

    Is also nice to create an ooze beater. Find a blueshine blunt weapon and create a blank, which keeps the blueshine stat. Then add ooze bane. Be careful when adding other elemental type damage as some oozes are either immune, resistant or get healed by certain elemental attacks.

    Crafting has levels and the lower levels need low level materials. As you level crafting it will need higher and higher level materials.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Igrovin View Post
    How much use is this really? Seems like you've got to grind early quests to make anything instead of the more middle quests.
    It is very very good even at level cap if you need to slot something while you farm for an item. I use crafted stuff all the time during levelling and even at level cap I use crafted trapping items.


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    if you collect crafting collectables over time you obtain enough to regularly craft items on a crafting toon that has acquired experience for particular shard levels.
    using augmented blanks, I have crafted items to the point there are no multiple enhancements in my equipment.
    crafted in unison with class and race enhancements.
    other than farmed item sets , most equipment I craft is better than raid items and single named items.
    which most leave much to be desired in heroics.
    The only issue I have in Cannith crafting is there seems to be plenty of discrepancy in what is available to craft when compared to regular dropped equipment and the enhancements available on them.
    I personally would like to see the new guard enhancements ( magma, air , slayer, trap the soul ...) remain on found equipment or enabled to be crafted as a shard in the extra position of the crafting blank.
    as the old evil good and other guard used to be before they were eliminated ( nerfed)
    only 2 damage items can be crafted to a shield yet many different ones can be found on them on dropped equipment.
    I am glad augmented items have increased as they can level with the character buy changing them as you level.
    great for ability and spell power save no lore is available for augments and is limited to item placement in crafting yet not in named items.
    you want to make imbue a universal equity enhancement but limit crafting to a lesser form over items sets which particular enhancement is ineffective to the build and a wasted space or creates multiple non stacking effects.

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    First - Keep your eye out for double slotted weapons. You can CC a weapon with +4d6 damage at lv 1 (Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing and elemental damage plus two 1d6 augments). This makes early levels a breeze.

    Second - Keep your eye out for craftable augments. They can take almost any craftable shard short of damage. Also the Gem of Many Facets is also craftable (normal/epic/legendary).

    Third - CC is great for situational items (goggles with OL/DD/Insightful DD, Spot/Search/Insightful Search, etc.).

    Fourth - As stated above, they are great for use as fill-ins until you complete your sets. I have full CC gear crafted for melee/ranged/caster at levels 1/4/8/12/16/20/24/28/32 (to match the augment levels) and other levels to match the damage inceases to W[X] (ie. 1dW/1.5dW/2dW/etc. damage just to fill in blanks (named/set/raid items).
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