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    Default For the developer working on all the feat display stuff for the character sheet

    Hello and thank you for improving the feat display! I have a quality of life suggestion for you: Please categorize the Epic Past Life Feats by Sphere. This change would help experienced players explain how the Epic Past Life feats interact to less developed players.

    • < Epic Past Lives >
      • Arcane
        • Ancient Knowledge
        • Arcane Alacrity
        • Eclipse Power
        • Enchant Weapons
        • Energy Criticals
      • Divine
        • Ancient Blessings
        • Block Energy
        • Brace
        • Power Over Life and Death
      • Martial
        • Ancient Tactics
        • Doublestrike
        • Fortification
        • Skill Mastery
      • Primal
        • Ancient Power
        • Colors of the Queen
        • Doubleshot
        • Fast Healing

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    Absolutely, great suggestion.

    At first I thought you were talking about Epic Destiny Feats, which would obviously not work since they are no longer tied to spheres.
    But in regards to Epic Past Life Feats, yeah, this is an important change.

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