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    Default Game Crashes when entering new areas

    My game crashes a lot when entering a new area. In fact, recalling from a quest or entering a new quest almost always causes my game to crash. I actually opened up the support ticket while online and my game crashed. I was told to check my firewall, but no issues. Windows 10. I can barely join a group anymore it is so bad. Suggestions welcome.

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    Make sure you install the latest graphics card drivers for your system, install the right software required for your games to function well, ensure the cooling system of your computer is working well to avoid overheating; disable all programs running in the background.

    Rachel Gomez

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    How I can use it?
    Once you take the screenshot, the image file will be saved on your desktop by default. From there, you can edit or share it as needed. I’ve thought long and hard to bring you interesting sharing of tips for how to screenshot on windows, iPhone and more smart devices. It is the beginning of smart tools. With different ways and simple steps.

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    ~Sounds~ like a vid card problem. Try this:

    1) Turn down ALL "Options/Advanced Graphics" settings to the lowest/disabled.
    2) See if the problem persists.
    * If that solves it, then Turn/Tune things back "up", a bit at a time, until you find a balance.
    * If that doesn't solve it, turn everything back up... and not sure what to suggest at that point.

    (and what RachelG sez, that too)


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