This season for me it's already over.

But let me explain a bit:

For the first time in HCL (this for me it's the 4th time i partecipate) I made a build just for joy
directed by pure instinct and experience with the game that lasted till now.. he didn't die.

I made 1 toon and one toon only that survived till the final goal (10 reaper points)

Goals reached : lvl20, favor 1 & 2, 10 reaper points

I could continue, but i don't feel the appeal anymore. I will transfer the toon asap to my normal server (thelanis).

I was thinking to post the full build but i don't want to be flooded by critics
(critics that could be correct, i know, there is a lot o ppl that know this game very well)
BUT I made this build only for FUN and surprisly was good enough to survive to everything.

so i will post only a short version

Name: Notimetodie
12 lvl fighter 8 levels cleric apostate

here the rest of the data:

thanks everybody and see you in season 8 !!!