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    Default DDO Store Sales: December 29th - January 1st/5th

    Available for a Limited Time: Heroic, Epic, and Improved Otto's Boxes!
    Available in the DDO Store through January 1st, 2023.

    Now available: +20 Hearts of Wood (with a bonus +5 Heart of Wood with your purchase!)
    Available in the DDO Store through January 1st, 2023.

    Available for a Limited Time: Wish of Inheritance!
    Available in the DDO Store through January 1st, 2023.

    Double Bonus Points Plus is better than ever!
    Get Elixirs of Discovery, Shared Account Bank space and a new Albino Hunter's Clawfoot Mount for a limited time when you pick up specific bundles of Double Bonus Points in the DDO Store.
    Available through January 1st!

    Special Sale in the DDO Market: Select Expansion packs!
    Now through January 1st, 2023, get:
    25% off Isle of Dread
    50% off Fables of the Feywild
    75% off Masterminds of Sharn
    75% off DDO Expansion Trove

    This is your final week of December Deals! This week, get:
    35% off Sentient Toolkits and Jeweler's Toolkits
    50% off Augment Bags
    75% off Augments
    Now through January 5th!

    Rise Again! Get 30% off:
    Select Reincarnation Items
    Healing Items
    Spell Point Potions
    Quest XP Elixirs
    Now through January 5th!

    Weekly Coupon
    Free Lasting Potion of Barkskin (+3) x5
    Coupon Code: BARKSKIN3
    Now through January 5th!
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