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    Default Weird bug on Hardcore Server

    I don't know if it is actually connected to Hardcore Server, but that's it happened.

    After doing all other level 5 Feywild quests I talk to Gale Estival and he directs me to Huntress Joranda. She gives me "Witch Hunt" quest. I enter the quest without problems, kill Brutal Beatrice, find the note, talk to the Summer Court Emissary. End chest appears but no fanfare music, and I do not receive the xp.

    When I leave the quest, there is no "Quest not completed, are you sure?" warning. But Witch Hunt is still grey in my Quest Panel. Not only it does not show up as "completed", it does not even show up as "accepted" -- normally when you accept a quest, its name turns yellow. When I return to Wynwood Hall, the icon above Joranda's head is grey, meaning I accepted the quest but did not complete it.

    Several inconsistencies here.
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    I recall having an odd experience in that quest when I completed it on HC last week.
    It did not finish as usual. We had to keep talking to the emissary.
    When it did complete, we never got an end chest.
    We waited another minute or so, and decided to move on.
    I believe we were doing R1.
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    First life I died... maybe level 8-9 "I joined a group of only one person. He was soloing the quest (he is high level currently and alive too) I never were able to keep up with the speed of most groups simply because they run faster. So he is running fast fast fast all of a sudden he stops. Welp there was a trap. I stopped too but too late. Like 2 seconds later. Died to sonic trap. Was in delera or necro."

    Second life I died... maybe level 8-9 "We were doing necro or delera I dunno. I had already told how I died in there in delera or necro trap. One of the trappers had died two quests ago to a trap. But we still had another trapper. I was extremely bored. All of a sudden a new member joined the group. So the trapper, leader of the group starts to chat with him while we are waiting in the entrance to a new dungeon. Then the trapper says <And remember... in this room there and there... the trap is acid and can not be disarmed... just going through the sides...> Inmediatly after saying that he goes on typing to the new member. The chat was filled with boring stuff like "yeah am sure you can reddor and blah blah blah". The new member also replied back and the chat got more and more filled. Meanwhile the group was moving around but without advancing. Then I see the trapper advances forward. So thinking that it was safe... I advance. But I did not advance through the sides and died inmediatly. Trapper told me <I told you!> And yes he told me, but after telling it he started to chat with that new member and I was really really bored so... did not take enough attention.

    Third life I died... level 10. Was even worse and totally my fault. It was not even a trap. I switched a few things in my build, a cleric and I liked my new build more. "I started to do quests in reaper because it was really boring in elite and also too fast. There was no challenge at all. After finishing deleras quests chain I entered to talk to the spirit of the woman in the quest <Return to delera> or something like that the quest was... So! lol I finished it and thought... hmm do I get more favour if I also finished it in hard and elite and reaper? I finished it in normal hard and elite. And indeed that quest gives more favour if you repeat in hard and elite. But I was really really bored. So after finishing it elite I decided to open it in reaper. Reaper 10. I entered thinking <I could die if a reaper spawns. But it's funny to enter in r10 for once. I talked to the woman and nothing bad happened. I thought I was safe. Then I went to a door which is closed. The quest was already completed. I could go back and leave but something called my attention.... a Chest. A chest behind the closed door. So I thought <I could use an opening bell to open the door and loot the treasure... after all, it is r10... the loot must be better> So while I was thinking about that <what was the code to get the opening bell and is it still available or did it finish already?> a carnage reaper showed up and one shooted me.

    Fourth life level 15 ready for taking level 16... still alive doing all in reaper and in the reaper ranking currently. All good so far. I take it more serious than before and don't fall into traps. I can follow the other members of the groups because I was also lucky and got 20 minutes of expedition retreat per rest. I also got good loot in some quests and character is kinda strong (but will need better equipment in a few levels or I will be weaker)

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    Written by mistake. To delete. Not sure how to delete it. I wrote in the wrong thread.

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