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    Exclamation Imbue dice not being applied to Poisoned Coating

    I'm using a 12 sorc 3 alc 3 clr and adding imbue dice from the trees to test. When I toggle on the Poisoned Coating from the Vile Chemist tree I noticed the damage is all in the single digits and when I add imbue dice from Eldrich Knight and Dark Apostate it doesn't increase the damage from the Poisoned Coating toggle, it does however increase the damage from Apostate's Curse and the Spellsword toggles.

    Also I don't know if this is intended but Tiefling Scoundrel's Bloodsong only deals damage under the HP% of the last core taken. So if you take the 50% core you do no damage until 50% negating the effect of the previous 75% core, which in essence makes it worse to take more cores so I assume this must be a bug? It also doesn't stack with the Resonant Arms toggle in swashbuckler making me wonder why you would ever bother using Bloodsong at all since the most likely use for it would be with swashbuckler... Also the damage output from Bloodsong doesn't seem to warrant the HP restriction.
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