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    Default Swashbuckler tree resets every time I log in.

    Let me break down the build I am playing..

    12 Barbarian, 5 rogue, 3 bard .. My enahncement tress are a mixture of Shadar kai, frenzied beserker, swashbuckler, assassin, Vistani, one of my feats I took was offhand versatility for the imbue die.. and for me to take swashbucking style Arcane maurader I needed magical training, which I took from firts core of fatesinger epic destiny. My 3 ED trees are fatesinger, shadowdancer, legendary dreadnaught.

    So if I log out and back in, my swashbuckling tree is reset every time. dunno what is causing that.. but hope it doesnt make it to live.
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    Trees will cancel any points spent on them without warning if any trees are moved after one spends those points.

    So, if, as a matter of habit, one is spending points and then rearranging your trees before closing the Enhancement screen, this will achieve your described result.

    Just as a fyi.

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    it seems similar to this issue

    both this and yours have in common some orb stuff and magical training acquired not from a feat but from some enhancement\ed, it seems like it is checked too late and messing stuff up.
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