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    Default When i Epic reincarnate .. i will get back a reaper first time bonus completition ?

    If i decide to epic reincarnate .. my toon goes to lvl1 to lvl20 and then i must gain the xp to reach again lvl30.
    Each quest i do at lvl21,22..etc at reaper difficulty, it's valid as first time bonus ?

    Also, once at lvl 30, if i do a quest i will get a 'first time bonus' ?

    or i must do a True Heroic Reincarnate only to have that ?

    please help me to understand. thanks

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    Nope. As the Wiki's Epic Reincarnation page says, first time bonuses don't reset upon ETR. You need an ITR, HTR or RTR to reset first-time bonuses, including Favor

    Why? Well, under the hood, an ETR gets you to 20 via a LR+0. If LRs reset first-time bonuses and favor, those hearts would be significantly more expensive

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