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    We started TrueBorn around MAY22, currently level 49 and going strong.

    We have the largest airship possible, our banks (guild managers and airship) are topped-off (plat and shards) and all addons purchased, no expense spared. Discord if needed.

    We have no requirements other than English. So far, we're a few American Expats working in Israel and a EU banker.

    Weekdays are hit-n-miss but our 3-day weekends are wide open for scheduling events.

    We have casual and serious slots open, serious slots come with benefits.

    1. Casual Member: Has one or more of the following: Chatty, Funny, a Personality, Helpful, Donates Collectables/Unused Gear (when able), Breaks up the grind by Chatting (not a hermit)
    2. Officer: Has one or more of the following: Has DDO Experience & Enjoys Coaching TrueBorn Members, Helpful, Hosts Events, Raid Leader, Comms Leader, Class Build Coach (knowledgeable in the process, all class info not required), Recruiter, ETC.
      (TrueBorn will cover Officer VIP cost or other DDO store related compensation, case by case and per one on one discussion per officer)

    LF (In High Demand)... Nerd, Goofy, Eccentric, Exotic, Bipolar, Borderline Crazy, Creepy (but not too creepy), ETC... are desired by TrueBorn.

    If interested, PST. If we're on the same page lets grab a beer and jump into RT Chat, Teams or Discord.
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    the Hand of TrueBorn

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