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    Default do tabaxi get a dragonmark?

    I thought Lockania told me I qualify for a dragonmark, but at the time I was more focussed on getting a free feat change. Cant find tabaxi dragonmark on wiki though, and neither Lockania nor Fred have anything further to say. Did I misunderstand?

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    No, Tabaxi do not have a dragonmark
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    If you look across all the changes it's basically a giant nerf to all the stuff we used to use while trying to force folks into theme based playstyles.
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    Profit quantity has been prioritized above product quality. (Note: this quote was from 2013, things never change)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indrik View Post
    I thought Lockania told me I qualify for a dragonmark,
    She did. But the text is from so long ago, there are now several races that do not receive a dragonmark.

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