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    Default Post Hardcore League Balance Changes [Warning Satire!]

    What other "fun" balance changes can you come up with? Let us vent and sing a dirge for our fallen divine and bard spellsinger brethren they will be missed.

    Incoming Balance changes after hardcore league wraps up.

    All AoE Spells now properly cap at base spell level +1

    Combat Tactics trances cap at the highest insightful tactics item currently in game

    Max Dodge in reaper goes down by one per skull

    Repeaters now get 0% doubleshot in epics since expanded clip is overperforming

    Assassins Trick and shadow dancer properly no longer allow for rogues to break sneak attack immunity.

    Eldrich Shape: Cone now properly caps at 3 targets since it is a tier 3 enchancement

    Blood Tributes negative con penalty only resets on quest completion or failure.

    Natures Defense, Stalwart Defense, and Sacred Defense now properly reduce spell range to touch and your Doubleshot and Ranged Power are zero while active.

    Shields no longer increase your prr or mrr against traps unless Natures Defense, Stalwart Defense, or Sacred Defense are active.

    Shield bashes rightfully take half your damage mod since they are an offhand weapon and require you to spam chat with "hold the door" in order to function.

    Offhand weapons are now cosmetic only due to detrimental server performance issues.

    Ranged and thrown weapons are now reduced to 5 meters +5 per enhancement core of your primary enhancement tree up to maximum of 35 meters.

    All LGS procs now have an internal cooldown of 30 seconds.

    Uncanny Dodge is now properly 10% uncapped dodge for 10 seconds.

    Improved Uncanny Dodge is now 25% uncapped dodge for 10 seconds.

    Instant kill spells no longer instant kill in reaper but reduce a targets hp pool by 90% down to 10% in r10 per cast.

    Heal spells no long heal other players to full in reaper mode starting at 90% on r1 reduced down to 10% in r10.

    Draconic and Primal mantles now properly have an internal cooldown of 10 seconds.

    Drifting lotus now properly hits once with every weapon type since the single hit while using handwraps was overperforming.

    Tree Form is back in Primal Avatar! It now properly roots you in place on use until either you or the form expire.

    All Ladder Bugs in the game are now fixed.

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    All mob casting animations are now properly three times faster.

    Mobs can properly no longer fall below 25% health on the initial player attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kielbasa View Post
    All Ladder Bugs in the game are now fixed.
    yeah right, and I have a bridge for sale if anyone is interested.

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    Master's Gift is now properly permanently bound to character.

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