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    Default Ok HumbleFriar, forward these bugs to the appropriate developers, please.

    • I should have 73 Epic Destiny points, I only have 69. This was fixed in the last preview, and not as nice as you would expect it to be.
    • The Reaper crafting interface still does not accept named returning throwing weapons.
    • The new TR cache is appearing immediately after an Iconic Reincarnation into either an iconic or heroic character, and must be manually closed. I left the window open until after I got the "Items moved to the Reincarnation cache" message in chat. But, I suspect it's not supposed to pop up at all. (Screenshot)
    • I was able to purchase 2 character bank upgrades with platinum immediately after an Iconic True Reincarnation. I'm assuming this is not supposed to happen until you earn the House K favor rewards. Once purchased, I did have the expected 120 character bank slots.

    Potential Bugs:
    • Is the inability to move items from the TR cache to the character bank intended behavior?
    • Items are not transferring from the character bank to the TR Cache. Is this intended behavior?
    • This screenshot is critique, but the arrow is not intuitive. And I expect to answer the question "How do you rename the tabs?" a lot.

    Also, because bug reporting feels like a bunch of negativity, I hope the devs responsible for the following enjoy seeing that their work is noticed:
    • Archetype is appearing in the Character Selection screen.
    • I was able to successfully LR a Tiefling Scoundrel to 20 Stormsinger.
    • It looks like the Racial Past Lives, Completionist and Racial Completionist are giving their correct bonuses.
    • The "TR cache breaks when you empty out the Main Tab, but leave stuff in a Custom Tab" bug appears to be fixed.
    • "/ui layout" command is saving the locations for the character bank and TR cache! I am really looking forward to my next TR when this goes live.
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    Things worthy of Standing Stone going EXTREME PREJUDICE™ on.:
    • Epic and Legendary Mysterious ring upgrades, please.
    • Change the stack size of filigree in the shared bank to 50. The 5 stack makes the shared bank worthless for storing filigree in a human usable manner.
    • Fixing why I don't connect to the chat server for 5 minutes when I log into a game world.
    • Fixing the wonky Lightning Sphere and Tactical Det firing by converting them to use alchemist spell arcing.
    • Redoing the drop rates of tomes in generic and raid loot tables.

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