Hi, not sure if this is where I should post, if I should write in a ticket or what.

I bought DDO points because the sale page said the DDO points were on sale. I didn't get them right away but
when I went to the point page, it said bonus points, so I thought they were on sale like it had said.

I found out yesterday that it's actually DOUBLE bonus points during the sale. I bought 2 of the 60$ ddo point packages, so that is significant amount of points to be lost.

What is more, I bought the 10th anniversary ddo thing with the points (along with a few other things), which is now on sale just a few days later for 50% off.

The points alone (think it was 3-3.5k bonus points per , so 6-7k total ddo points) was bad enough, but the anniversary pack with 4k orso, which at half price means another 2k......so like 9k total lost DDO points in a few days

I'm not sure if they can do anything about it. I used the +8 tome, but the char isn't high enoughlevel to get anything extra out of it so far, didn't use the heart of wood yet. As far as the DDO points I think it's messed up they say bonus points when it's not on sale, especially if it's right after they WERE on sale (I just didn't realize it had ended).

Anyone have any advice on this issue, should I just eat it? Can I write a ticket? I would be happy to just get the bonus points, and still pay full price for the anniversary pack. I get that they can't give everyone a sale price a week after they bought something (Although many companies do let you get a discount price on something if it's within a week of buying it).

9k points though is a pretty huge amount to have lost. I wouldn't even have needed the second $60 ddo point bundle if it was still on sale with double points (literally needed 1k more and decided to get extra for the future). I have about 4k points left over to get isle of dread in December (if I don't get it earlier) or for something else later.

Was happy to contribute to this great game, but I hate losing out on so many points.