I will be hosting two PvP tournaments this Saturday on Argonnessen. If anyone would like to join they just need to let me know before 5:00PM EST on July 23th.

The first will be a 1v1 double elimination tournament.
The second will be a 4v4 Capture The Flag tournament.(You can either enter as a team or as a fill(I will assign you to a random team if you choose fill.))

1v1 PvP Rules
- First life
- Level 7(includes the ranks after taken level 7)
- No buffs prior to entering arena(including ship buffs)

Arena Rules
- No attacking in spawn area
- No camping spawn area
- No spawn attacking(must wait for the player to move/cast/attack)
- No attacking Moderators
- No hiding behind moderators(mods will make every effort to be out of the way)

Banned spells/Enhancements(Still working on this list)
- Ash Imprisonment(only for 1v1)
- Salt Ray(Will test, pretty sure this is too OP)
- Dark Delirium(Will test, but banned for now)
- Paralyzing Arrows
- Terror Arrows
- Scarab of Spell Absorption(Just the Scarab)

Please let me know here or join my community discord to join the tournament. https://discord.gg/wSAHjzvp