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    Default Looking for Group/Partner for 1st lives and beyond

    Hello All,

    I'm looking for a partner or play group to play regularly and go through all the new content (Basically everything since RL and I didn't really do that much of RL that I feel like I know it) and old favorites. I'm currently playing a 1st life warlock, but could roll up something else (and can create at level 7 if that matters). My short term plan is to either TR at 20 or go to 30 and ER then TR. I'll be doing a PDK Paladin for lives 2-4 for the PDK and Paladin past life passives, so hopefully can put together a nice kit to make that easier.

    I work until midnight eastern time on Mon-Thur, but I can generally play during work from like 8-9pm onward, although that's subject to something coming up that I need to handle. Generally AFK times for handling a work thing will be under 10 minutes and pretty infrequent. I am also available any time on Friday and on Saturdays from 5pm onward and Sundays from 5pm onward.

    I prefer voice comms via discord, but I can roll with folks who prefer to type also.

    Thanks for reading,

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    What is your toons name to contact in game?
    My 2 mains are Mornyngstar and Seldissan on Thelanis but I also have toons on all servers with those names. Any toon that has Mornyngstar Clan as their last name is most likely me.

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