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    Default Fan Made DDO Trailer

    Hi all. It's been a while since myself and the old DDOguys played some DDO.

    Me and my friend returned recently and have been enjoying the game again, and although we may not get the full band back together I still wanted to pay tribute to a game that time and time again has brought us alot of joy.

    So I made a Fan trailer!

    Check it out and enjoy!

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    I really liked your trailer kewl character and fight scenes.

    Ways to improve:
    A. More camera angles starting with close up of face and rotating views.
    B. Some sorcerer instead of the gray fighter alt.
    C. Close up of face on a mount on the guildship, run the length of ship and dive off front horse and all, on way down scenes flash with increasing brevity, view of ground closing in with life flashing before eyes.

    Great work and kewl use of ddo’s varied scenery!

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    Thanks, I had a fun time making it.

    I may remake it one day down the road just to add some fun improvements but I had this planned for weeks and just had to get it together and out there.

    A weird obsession I guess lol

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