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    Default Static Group Open Spot - Heroes and Marauders

    Hi, our static group of five players is about to TR and we are looking to fill the 1 open slot we have. This group has existed for over 9 years now.

    We will TR and start in Korthos on July 31st.

    What Characterizes Our Group
    •We basically run all quests with (virtually) all optionals on elite or low skull reaper. Difficulty will depend on what provides the right challenge for the group.
    •We do all F2P quest and all the packs. (XP farming and gear grinding is pretty much non-existent in our group.)
    •We have fun while killing stuff.
    •We laugh at each other when we die. The comic relief of watching the paladin/monk who always boasts about his evasion die in a whirely-gig trap is so totally worth it.
    •We poke fun at each other and generally have a good time.
    •On the scale of zerg and flower-sniff, we are somewhere in the middle.

    Details Details Details
    •We play Thursdays 8pm to 10pm and Sundays 7pm to 10pm - Eastern Time - on Argonesson.
    •New and returning players are VERY VERY welcome. You don't have to be experienced to run with us. Just be willing to listen to suggestions and play as a team.
    •This is a GROUP PLAY group. We play TOGETHER as a GROUP.
    •Characters on any life (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and on) are welcome.
    •Packs: You need to either have all the packs or be willing to get them when the group decides to run certain content. We do all heroic quests on elite or reaper so a lot of favor and DDO Points will be generated. This will help you some with buying packs if you don't have them already.
    •You must be able to communicate with voice chat.
    •In Game Rules: We're not huge on rules. We allow Auction House and Shard Exchange.
    •We are mature players. (I think we are all 30 years and over.) Anyone is welcome, though. As long as you're friendly and and want to have some fun, we're good to go.
    •Classes: You can run any build you want.

    If you are interested, please post here (or send me a PM). Alternatively, you can look for me on Argonession - Meensc

    Everyone who is interested should post here. In our experience, some people tend to join us for a week or two and then lose interest. So, we'd like to have as many people who are interested respond here.

    Thank you.


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    We are still expecting to TR this month, and we are still hoping to fill our open spot.


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