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    Default My observations on Wayfinder

    We all know that Wayfinder is the least populated server and with that you have a limited economy. You are not going to find a lot of uber gear and crafting mats in the auction house and the brokers usually have nothing in inventory.

    There is however a strong augment to give this server a go. Namely lag is virtually nonexistent. My wife and I are on our second character fixing to TR, just need to finish farming Tokens of the Twelve.
    We have yet to experience a death due to lag. We started on other servers and the lag was bad. Moving to Wayfinder was a joy for us. We got invited to a 103 level guild that is great.

    To see how thing are currently we tested some of the other servers just last weekend and the lag was bad. Logged into Wayfinder and it was smooth sailing.

    This post is not to say Wayfinder it the best server. It is just an observation I made.

    Have fun on whichever world you call home and happy adventuring.

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    Lag has been bad on a few servers I have tried - maybe it is worth starting over again. Came back to the game not that long ago and have been bumming around never even getting a character through two full lives.

    If you or anyone else cares to mention a guild that is active and is taking new members that would be helpful.

    I am off to my favorite page in the whole game - character creation - to see what names are available. None of my top favorite names I checked those already but maybe I can get a second tier name.

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    I enjoy playing on Wayfinder and also Salorna Thelans is not the best run into a lot of lag possibly because of the high volume of players when I get enough points I am going to transfer GANDORPH to Salorna all other world will only have 1 character for dice rolls

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