I gotta say I'm a little sad at all the troubles with the iconic animations - I get that some of the more specific mixes are hard to ferret out with so many classes and abilities, but right out the gate as an iconic monk I'm a bit surprised.. especially as all of this was easily noticed in but a single night of playing while using a staff :<

That said as an iconic male tabaxi:

Walking through knee-deep water makes your staff float off your hand and wave around in the air weirdly, wrong offset/binding

If you stand in place and turn a bit the right elbow jerks up sharply and is not keyed properly for turning smoothly, looks really bad

Same thing happens when simply running forwards and jumping while you continue running - when you land the staff snaps back much too fast in a very jerky fashion

If you run forwards and hold attack they do not cycle properly, your staff will jerk back fully to the left midswing awkwardly after you first wind-up, totally mishandled animation order here (this one is one of the most noticeable and jarring visually)

In fact, just *walking* forwards from a standstill causes the staff to float out of your hand, it's very clearly not keyed properly to follow the hand holding it :<