Hello Cannith.

I have been playing DDO since weeks after launch. Started on Thelanis, joined Mournlands during Titan raid testing. I spent many years with the Mournlands team so never played as much on the "live" servers. Had to take a break but am back now.

Currently running a Warforged Bladeforged (Cernsworn) Paladin, Lvl 30, Unyielding Epics, self healing, 168 AC, 360+ Fort, 11 LOH. Due to being away not flagged for much other than VON. A lot of Feywild gear but not focused on just one season. Lays down a lot of doublestrikes and can crit for 900-1500 with greatsword

Other toon I am still building is a dragonborn FVS, lvl 30, Avenging Angel with a few twists. The name is Cernamnota cause I am not a healer spec. (Played a lot of cleric on ML and can do it but would rather blast stuff). Has AA healing aura, has some healing spells with equipment enhancements (aura is between 250 and 850 when I am standing in public). Fire and light spec damage spells with 35% SP cost reduction for metamagic. Hit between 1500 and 8000 on spells depending on crit. Over 1600 HP, 4250 SP, 115 AC currently. Gear is mostly Feywlld Summer. This toon is flagged for VON but not anything else raid wise.

If you see a toon with Cern in the name it is probably me.

I have a job and a family so my playing times are a bit broken up and limited. I have played most of the big raids and quests over the years, including the Shroud (alpha/beta tested that *****) but I am rusty. Open to runs with anyone but time is usually 1-2 hours limit.

PLS feel free to msg and hope to see you in game. Currently running Feywild and Saltmarsh to try and round out equipment.

I am VIP and have all current packs.