I am looking for a small party to quest and enjoy the world with.

I'm a fighter, so I can hold the frontline and deal some damage but still, some content can be challenging because I lack means of ranged attacks and/or regeneration, so an archer/caster/healer would be appreciated, but if you'd like to be a melee attacker as well, that's fine!

I'm looking for a relaxed kind of gameplay, where we don't rush, but rather get to know the plot and lore, try to explore the world in it's entirety.

As per the title, I am playing on Argonnessen. I can start a new character or help you with my main until we catch up to my main's progress. I'm in the Central European Timezone. If you wanna group up, please reply to this post. I will check the forum every now and then, but if you want to get to me faster, message me on Discord (bout#7927).