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    Default Current State of Menace of the Underdark

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone fill me in what is the current status of Menace of the Underdark? It doesn't seem to be available either to purchase or to gift pass to anyone.

    I'm aware it was made cheap recently, but I had already owned it for years. However, several members of my guild do not own it.

    Currently as far as I know:

    1) You can't buy it in the DDO Store
    2) You can't buy it in the DDO Market
    3) You can't get guest passes for it in the DDO Store (if I have somehow failed to find them under the correct pack/name, please enlighten me)
    4) It doesn't come with VIP or with the previous content unlock codes (which are now expired)

    How are people supposed to access it if they didn't already own it?

    This affects all access to:
    1) Main Eveningstar questlines
    2) The Demonweb
    3) Wheloon Prison

    I apologize if this is already a known issue with a known dev statement. All the searches I have done brought up outdated 2021 information.

    Thanks everyone.

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    You want to grab the previous expansions from the Market, in the Treasure Trove option (from MotU all the way to Ravenloft). Note it only grants the adventures, not any previous Expansion Pack offers, like cosmetics, items, hirelings, etc.

    Log in and try here:


    :: edit ::

    Of course, if you can wait, you may want to see if any offers crop up, as we have a new expansion coming. Sometimes offers are made to go along with the new release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duskofdead View Post
    1) You can't buy it in the DDO Store
    It's available in the point store too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabidfox View Post
    It's available in the point store too.
    Best to hold out and hope they again offer those at the 99 points they were before.

    That current price is, in my opinion, absolutely not worth it. It needs cutting in half.

    And practically every single piece of gear is horribly out of date (other than being unbound until equipped).
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