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    Default What permadeath guilds are people going back to after hardcore?

    Hi all,

    I love permadeath but the only PD guild I've ever tried was Mortal Voyage, Argonnessen. Great group. I'm curious if there are any other active permadeath guilds I can join? I tried the ones in the permadeath guild listing but I didn't see anyone online in those except for Mortal Voyage. Probably because I tried in the early morning hours.

    Are there still other active permadeath guilds accepting new people? I'd love to hear from whence other permadeath people hail

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    Default re PD Guilds

    I was also looking around, finding mostly out of date stuff.

    I've seen several Mortal Voyage folks and one from Extreme Explorers Sarlona, also what looks like it might be an active website for Mortem Aeternum Permadeath on Sarlona, but no member sightings so far.

    Let me know if you hear anything. I found the hardcore people were doing mostly zergy reapers and MV +2 rule may be just a bit over my head, I prefer a slightly less stringent ruleset, maybe +1.

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    I've got a forgotten character in EE (Sarlona). Just checked and they've still got an active crew, looks like a dozen or so active in the past few days.

    From the EE guild message:

    Type /joinchannel EE with new characters! Guild Night every Wed. at 9:30CT!
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