I tend to name my first Hardcore character after my main character. And I don't bother name changing them when I move them back to Thelanis.

Prior to this update, in addition to my main character, I had a ~1,~2, and ~3 version that I was using to bank various bits of leveling gear on.

Here's the thing that's got me a little concerned.

After logging in today I have two identically named characters, a ~2 and a ~3. Somehow my ~1 lost his ~1.

First, I was under the assumption that all first names on a server needed (and had) to be unique.

Second, aside from the annoyance of having to constantly differentiate between the two, are there any major issues that could crop up from this....say when it's time for me to TR again on my main?

I went in and tried to /namechange the former ~1, but it says I don't have the necessary free credit to do it.