Saved by Grace: Christian gaming Community Recruiting.
Family-oriented, Christian guild, that welcomes all newcomers and vets to and from the game. We are currently working on helping new members, bring up fresh recruits for PVE content. Also working on upgrading Strong hold, (currently rank 2) in NW and working on our Airship in DDO. We also have a discord.

Neverwinter Guild is Crux Templars/DDO Guild is Saved by Grace


Family-oriented, Christian guild welcoming all newcomers.

Welcome, new recruits; Guild Framework:


1. Recruit: 1 week probation.

2. Promoted to Member after 1 weeks, and give discord.

3. Promoted thereafter every 4 months until given Officer rank .


1. Member right away.

2 Promoted to officer within 8-12 months.

Guild Nights are Sat. at 11pm est/8pm pst. Crafting night 30 mins before guild night on Sat. DDO guild night TBA.

Server: Wayfinder

To join the DDO or Neverwinter Guilds go to and apply, response time is about a day.