I really want to play DDO again, it's been a long time, but the last couple times I tried:
First I ended up 98% solo (with some hirelings) or logging off because there were no groups... or even people. Second got a static group where I'm sure they didn't understand the intention (or it was insufficiently communicated) and it become un-fun quickly.

So let me lay out what I'm looking for and if there's a few people who also want that, I'd like to give it a try. (1-2 evenings per week, maybe 3, after 8pm Central US, and not beyond 11pm)

1) New Characters dedicated to the group, non-twink. (If we want to TR repeatedly, I'm okay with that.) Server doesn't really matter to me.
2) Chill pace, smell the roses, have some drinks.
If stuff goes sideways, it's a laugh. (Not really looking for Perma-Death at the moment...sounds stressful.)
3) No zerging no zerging no zerging no zerging no zerging. (I recognize that's redundent with the first one, but evidently did not stress it enough the first time.)
4) Would love to do voice comms, I have a discord available. Not mandatory, but would make the shenanigan giggles that much better.
5) Kind of a stretch wish; but people who don't have every dungeon memorized, or have forgotten a lot of it like I have.

If that interests anyone, great, I hope we can get a group going. DDO was my first MMO love, would love to play it again.
If not, no harm done- kinda hard to relive the magic of exploration in a game almost as old as WoW.

(Also: I have some characters at various levels on different servers if there is already a group out there like this, that is looking for another member, I might be able to slot in.)

Have a good one.