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    Default What Now?

    Got heroic completionist on my now-returned-to-druid (18 DRU/2 ROG) Ydrynyn.
    Then I got her from 1-30 this weekend running pots and taking advantage of the 10% increased XP weekend.


    What now?

    I'm not grinding epic or racial PLs. Just no. I'm done with that treadmill (for now.)

    I've got my earthquake DC up to 68, but I want it higher, so maybe there's that. I want to knock over enemies on LE settings at max level. I'm guessing I somehow need to get it to 100 which is crazy high. Is it possible?
    I need gear. I could grind for endgame gear, but some of the best pieces require raiding.
    I definitely need Kundarak and Coin Lords favor this life so I can open up my bank space and personal inventory space. That's only a handful of quests I blew by this life. Boring, but all too easy. Though I did Von 1-4 so maybe I have at least one rank of Kundarak I need to trade in.
    Most of my rogue skills are about 118ish, so I think I'm good there. Reflex is 74--I guess I might need a way to get that in the 90s or higher, but I hear that is near impossible.

    So, as I asked before: What now?

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    pick gear and favor goals and do an ER or two while hitting them

    boost reaper xp when at cap and aim at boosting sentient xp

    Find some struggling new player and walk them through stuff. It is very satisfying.
    Wiki dashboard with some useful stealthplay links. LONG LIVE STEALTH!
    Proud Knight of the Silver Legion, Cannith: Saekee (main) and some others typically parked at some level to help guildies and other players

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