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    Default Level 26+ Pre 30 ED splits for melee

    Looking for thoughts on the spending of DP for level 26-29 on a melee focused build. You can't get into T5 at this point and was wondering if anyone has some ideas on optimal choices for these 4 levels.

    My first thought was go T4 in LD for dire charge stun on trash and try to max out MP while finishing off leveling to 30.

    Thank you

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    I am fond of 12 shadowdancer for SA and doublestrike, and 8+ in GMoF for the +1[W] and 15% move speed mantle. It seems like I'm generally getting these and then putting whatever is left on my main tree. Would only do different in EK.

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    Default EA healing mantle until level 29

    Even if you get the epic strike from another tree. This will not take out too much from your DPS but you will guarantee the whole group healed so it will give you a more laid back run. Everyone should do it, even casters.

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