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    Default Reasons to keep grinding Reaper XP!

    Here are the reason why people should keep grinding reaper XP:

    1. ????? NO Idea

    End of reasons...........

    Seriously though, Reaper has been Live on DDO for over 4.5 years now..........PLEASE add cosmetics for Points: 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 Etc Etc.

    Also, because you (DDO) did not put a cap on Reaper XP, my suggestion would be to let people get some kind of benefit from getting reaper points beyond 156 Points, like 4HP per point above 156 points (these points ONLY apply to characters level 31+).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airmaiden View Post
    Here are the reason why people should keep grinding reaper XP:

    1. ????? NO Idea

    End of reasons...........
    Heres my list of reasons:

    1. You like DDO and you like the challenge of reaper mode.

    Enough said . Do what you please, but I enjoy it.

    That being said, I only have 36 reaper points and plan to get many more. I can see that not having a cap on reaper points and not having continuous/'infinite' benefits from getting more points is truly frustrating to players who want to continue working on a single toon.
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    If your character is finished, make a new character. If you maxed rxp and your character isn't as finished as you want them to be, you can grind out the rest of your lives on R1 for fast runs with 195% 1st time+bravery xp bonus.

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    Different people have different reasons for running reaper difficulties

    1. Some for the 195% xp bonus first time running a quest - Goal is to get through a life and back again in many cases
    2. The challenge of Reaper - maybe mid-to-high. This is usually more Epic questing
    3. Because Elite is 'a cake walk' and their build wants to have the risk of breaking a nail
    4. Because it is there...
    5. Loot - Especially mythic or reaper bonus additions

    ... And many others.

    If you don't fall into any reason why, then follow that. Each player needs to make that decision on their own.

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    no reason why not to

    reaper needs an overhaul anyway—different gating on boosts based on level for example
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