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    Default Mystic Thurge / Shaman Classes?

    Hey guys, jus' out of curiosity. I like Divine Spells and Arcane Spells. Would like to submit an idea to do both.

    I read the rule book long time ago, Mystic Thurge where you could do that. Requirements were 5 Levels of Arcane Spellcaster
    and 5 Levels of Nature or Divine Spellcaster.

    Examples would include: Wizard / Druid or Wizard / Cleric or Favored Soul / Sorcerer.

    Also out of curiosity they released a Shaman Class. It's a druid that uses Wisdom, but has limited spells like
    the favored soul, or sorcerer class.

    This could be an enhancement tree, or new class, or a epic class. Not sure what you'll do with this, but would like to
    see it in game.

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    With the +1 caster level & max caster level per 2 epic levels for all spells that's being added in U51, mixing arcane & divine is more viable than it was previously (and shallow dips will get some handy boosts to effectiveness of low level spells, primarily duration of low level buffs which is admittedly nice) but part of the big thing with mystic theurge is also getting proper caster progression for spell access & that'd be much harder to code, the closest approach in the current system would probably be to have an enhancement tree that adds a load of SLAs & extra caster levels to things.

    For shaman, the main one I have experience with is spirit shaman from that NWN2 expansion & I agree, it could be a good addition to the game so we have regular & spontaneous casting classes for arcane, divine & primal spheres - presumably it'd have special buffs & abilities related to spirits & summoning vs. shapeshifting, but much the same spell lists... could be a lot of fun.
    I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what's it is weird and scary to me.

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    I would call shaman any barbarian+fvs or barbarian+cleric or druid+fvs splash in ddo. Still would be nice to have new classes. Mystic theurge is also a cool idea.

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