Dark hunter cure critical pots far outclass Ranger healing as you can throw them at your wolf in reaper and get splash healing. Also great at shrines for topping Shriners off.

Dark hunter over all outclasses Ranger in all ways imaginable except standing in traps and arcane archers.

As these forums are closing I will not be able to report on all my testing results but suffice to say I am quite pleased with the thf dark hunter Samurai build. I dualed cogs with my 3rd life toon and a first life Druid companion. We raised the difficulty from r1 to r2. All I had was a Bavorian falchion with 4d6 augment. Was wearing 105 fort medium armor and +8 tome (muddied the testing).

The next max dps ranger? Tempest core 3 dws str DH dual Mjolnirs.