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    Default Requesting Raid help on Cannith

    Hi there, been playing far too long without really playing much high level content.
    I guess this is where I have to admit I am an Altoholic.
    (HC has actually helped feed that addiction lol)

    I have a toon that was doing well on HC but I am getting into content I am not so familiar with.
    My goal is to continue on with my toon fro HC and run everything I can up to 5K favor to learn the content and perhaps earn a bit of Epic XP before reincarnating.

    Saying that, I have never run these raids before.
    -Tempest Spine
    -Vault of Night / Plane of Night
    -Twilight Forge / The Titan Awakes.

    Is there someone out there who could take me on a trip through these in a non zerg teaching fashion?
    It would be wonderful to finally experience these.
    Let me know here or send me a message on Cannith, Sigil-1

    I am unfortunately level 14.
    (Edit: added Tempest Spine to the list)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir_Noob View Post
    Is there someone out there who could take me on a trip through these in a non zerg teaching fashion?
    The best thing you can do is to look for a non zerg / new player friendly guild

    Tempest Spine and VoN are heavily played raids, because they both give good xp/min. Lfms are frequent. You can join a pug and take a look
    VoN is level 22, so the level range is usually 20-26 for max xp. Tempest Spine is legendary, so no level cap.
    Tempest Spine is a super-fast raid, it's done with one rune only and lasts a few minutes. It's good rxp too, and I saw some R10 pugs recently.

    No one runs Twilight Forge, so I suggest asking in guild for volunteers
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    Default Twilight Forge

    The Twilight forge needs a minimum of 3 people (special case with an Artificer who knows all the tricks can bring it down to 2), and is not that popular as you have noticed as the raid has not been updated since it was added. Its also a pain to run if you do not have people who know it.

    I generally try and run it at level if I can get 2 others to join me. I am also currently (at time of writing this) level 10, so if your in the 10-13(14) level range we can try and get a run up some time.

    I will also run this raid at cap to help people with their Free Agents favor (to gain access to the Falconry tree).

    Feel free to drop me a Tell in game if you are looking for a group for this one.

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