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    Default Old Curiosity Shop: Winning Story - "A Cleric's Calling"

    Old Curiosity Shop (OCS) is a guild from Orien. We've had an in-house guild competition for the best story that involved their main character in the current DDO setting; with the winner being awarded a $100 gift card (generously donated by a member of the guild). The competition had two parts. Three people out of the guild's submissions could only go through, and these were for Cordovan to judge the stories and pick who is #1, #2 & #3 (those who got #2 + #3, will receive other prizes).

    Cordovan has also agreed to put the winner into the Chronicle, and requested that I publicize the winner's story.

    (Imma gonna get murdered in my sleep, lol. ).

    The winner is, Lurea.

    * * * * *

    A Cleric's Calling

    Author: Lurea

    Down the Starwater River a small rickety but sturdy raft floats. The captain and his one passenger, a silent Cleric, stand watching for the sandbars that could endanger their voyage. The trip so far had been smooth and rather quick through Stormhorns, now their were almost through the Kings forest.

    Once in Eveningstar the Cleric stepped off the small craft and bid a short farewell and blessing to her now former traveling companion. Her excitement coming forward now that she was close to her goal.

    The Cleric (Lurea) putted out her map once again, although after hours of staring at it she knew by memory now which way to go. This loving little place nestled at the foot of the Stonelands was in great need of her skills. A request had come to the silver flame for help in removing the undead rumored to be in the northern part of the village. The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar were going to be a bit brighter come tomorrow morning.

    She had long been looking for true purpose in life. Sure turning the Undead and slaying the disbelievers of the world was fun at times but she knew she was destined for greater purpose. perhaps she'd find it here.

    After arriving at the Haunted Hall, Lurea spent many hours traipsing through it's many, many rooms and halls. The place was so large she feared she might need to take a room there. In every room and every corner of the immense building she destroyed the undead that dare step in her path.

    Late into the night she worked, only to stumble across a living statue. Not evil, nor undead, the Cleric had to almost break her scepter in battling this type of foe. With her back to the wall and low on healing mana Lurea was about to start praying when the statue suddenly dropped to the ground in pieces. over the now useless pile of stone stood a very smug looking female.

    Dressed in all black, with long purple hair and a mask covering her mouth. The thieve's tool bringing spun between her fingers a clear sign that Lurea was now face to face with a Rogue.

    A very shady one at that.

    " Was just a magic trap ward. You missed it on your way in the room." Was the only greeting Lurea got before the rogue turned and walled over to what appeared to be only a wall. Coming back to herself she thought she'd find out who she was dealing with.

    " Who are you? what are you doing here ? "

    "I'm Zavina, and I'm working. Same as you."

    " Hmm, I doubt it's the same work. "

    " A job is a job."

    " I didn't see you come in the room. "

    "Yeah, I'm good. "

    " I didn't even sense you."

    " Yeah, I'm THAT good."

    Lurea watched as this Rogue now know as Zavina, inspected the wall a moment or 2 before giving a push that caused the wall to side away. A VERY large gold of gold lay on the floor before the rogues feet.

    " Oh yes, just want I was looking for." said the rogue pulling a bag for seemly no where. " Thanks for your help with all the undead. Saved me a lot of time. Want a cut for the loot ?" she asked as she began filling said bag.

    Lurea: " I didn't come here for gold."

    Rogue: "Oh right, right. None for the holy one then. Want me to drop some off at the Church for you on my way out of town instead ? "

    Lurea: Placing a hand on her hip. " Would you actually do it"

    With a shrug of the shoulders her reply of " If I remember " didn't sound promising.
    It was then the Lurea felt it. A great evil slowing seeping into the room from behind her. When the evil moved so close to her that she could see it in the air around her she turned her head ever so slowly to the right only a bit to see what form had joined them in the room.
    " Tha. . . . . that bird. . . . "

    Zavina turning her head back smiled and replied " Oh that, that's Gipsy. Be careful, she bites.".

    Whipping her head back toward the darkly clad thief in disbelief. " It's your PET ?!"

    "Noddles" the single word reply leaving little room to question farther.

    The righteous Cleric gulped down her fear as best she could. This tiny ordinary-looking bird felt like the greatest evils of the world packed in one. " I bet." Was all she could mange. What horror would this tiny thing cause the world one day ?

    After packing her bag full of all the gold she could carry, Zavina placed the bag on her back, pushed the wall back in place and turned around beaming. " I'll come back for the rest later. No one comes in here much. " Looking back at the Cleric before her. " Well no rogues anyway. . . . none as good as me at least. "

    "Say" she continued " Why don't we team up ? I hate dealing with Undead and it's always around the places with the best loot. We can spit it say . . .30/70 ? 30% for your god or whomever you worship and 70% for my awesomesauce skills. What do ya say ? "

    With the rogue's hand outstretched in front of her and the unholy creature not 4 feet from her, looking as if nothing in the room could bother it, Lurea knew what her call truly was now.

    She would go with the shady rogue. She would stay close to this looming danger. One day she would find a way to rid this world of such a treat. Taking the Rogue's hand she said the only thing that mattered.

    " I am Lurea of Orien. No greater evil stands before me."

    " Coolio, great to have you Lu. Call me Z. "

    And so it was that the powerful cleric, the skillful rogue and the terrifying parrot began their tale. Zavina's pockets growing ever fuller from the Cleric's loot, and Lurea following Gipsy.. and one day, would best the cursed bird
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    Locking at the request of the OP. Thanks for sharing this and congratulations to the winner!
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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