Khopesh and Quiver (Guild Level 80) is recruiting on Orien. We are a friendly group that plays most nights from 9PM EST till whenever. You are also welcome to give us a try before joining.

We welcome anyone. If you are experienced or inexperienced you are welcome to join us! We like helping each other with builds, finding gear, questing and socializing.

Static groups are welcome. We have both static groups and family groups who play in our guild. If you want to join, do your thing alone or with your friends, no problem! We'll also be happy to help out with any questions, or to group up if you would like.

Take advantage of our airship with a full amenities bar for buffs.

If you would like to join us for questing, you can reply here and let me know your character name. You can also reach out to any of these characters in-game via PM or mail if you would like to join:


We hope to welcome you aboard soon.