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    Hello all!

    I play on the Thelanis server and my character name is Kbi. I've recently been looking to form a static group to do a few lives together 1-30 as I do racial and epic past lives. I'm on the East Coast and because I am in my last semester of university I do not have set play times and they can be rather random depending on my workload. I'm looking for players who don't mind a semi-irregular playing schedule and can hop on to run one chain or grind multiple levels depending on the day. Ideally, utilizing Discord to say "Hey, let's plan for xx:xx pm tomorrow" and sticking to it.

    I generally like to run R2-4 and often solo on R3 with lfms up for people to come and go. I'd like to have some people regularly join me to make it a little less monotonous but still have pugs if we do not have a full group. Any class is welcome and I can adjust what builds I'm playing to fit the needs of the party, although I rather enjoy healing.

    A few notes about what I'm looking for in the static group:
    1. Quick questing - Not necessarily zerging, but I don't do opts in Tear of Dhakaan for example. My lives generally take between 18-40 in quest hours 1-20 based on xp pot timers and another 2-3 days from 20-30.
    2. Friendly players - I like pugs, I enjoy having players come in and out if we do not have a full group and I want everyone to feel welcome.
    3. Flexible - Leveling outside of the group is okay as long as it's not an absurd amount, as well as change of plans regarding reincarnating. (Ex: doing an extra epic life)
    4. Play any build you want
    5. I would like to run every Legendary Quest on R6-10 for a lot of Rxp before reincarnating.

    I am level 10 on my current life and am looking to reincarnate within a week or two.

    Contact me here via private message or in-game on Kbi if I'm online or send mail to the toon of the same name. Thanks!
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