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    Default Feydark Illusionist - Distract breaks stealth

    So, yeah. The description for Distract reads "This ability may be used without breaking Stealth or Invisibility."

    Drop into Sneak. Hit Distract. Now I'm no longer Sneaking. Seriously, y'all? It doesn't do what is clearly stated on the tin. Stealth play is already a basket of mismatched farkness. This ability sounded pretty cool (and was about the only reason I wanted to try the tree), but it just doesn't work with Sneak. I'm disgustipated.
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    and sad to say after more than 2 years this is still relevant and the ability is still broken.

    I've done my part and logged a bug report a while ago but no fix as yet.

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    Cool Bump

    C'mon devs, truth in advertising isn't just a good idea, it's the law!

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